This is not like your mama's cooking -- we'd never want to lay claim to such a bold statement like that one. It's also not the kind of restaurant you've come to expect from a Filipino restaurant. ...and that's the point.  

Don't get us wrong...we do love us some hearty grub from our Turo-Turo's and mom-and-pop joints, but did it ever cross your mind that Filipino food has never fully crossed over? Did it ever cross your mind that our Asian sisters -- namely, Thai, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, India, and on and on and on -- have seen some culinary love while our food has remained in the shadows of our kitchen cupboards?

We love us some pad thai, bibimbop, dim sum and don't even get us started on pho. We'll hit up Bowery Noodle Shop anytime. We could wax-poetic 'bout some dope spot in Flushing, or how we crave K-town at 3am. We just thought it was 'bout time Filipino Food got a little attention. Don't you?

At Maharlika Filipino Moderno, we proudly feature the classic dishes that we have grown up with and have come to love. We also create fresh and delightful new dishes that are influenced by the flavors found in the Philippines. Though Filipino food is arguably the original fusion cuisine with its cultural influences from Spain, Malaysia, China, America and indigenous ingredients and flavors, Maharlika Filipino Moderno is not a fusion restaurant. Our dishes are 100% Pinoy, with special attention to ingredients, preparation, and presentation.  

We are certainly not the first Filipino restaurant...there are a handful of wonderful Filipino restaurants found in pockets of the United States. From Queens to Daly City, if you want Filipino food, we can suggest a lot of great places. However, if you are curious about how Filipino food can be re-interpreted with attention to detail, with careful selection of ingredients, and with preparation that can finally push Filipino food forward, we hope you become part of our family. If you are looking for a place to take your clients, your boyfriend, or a place to bring the in-laws...come on in. Join us for dinner...or lunch...or brunch.

Reservations are highly recommended for brunch and weekend dinners.  

Please call us at 646 392 7880 for reservations, catering and investment opportunities. Also visit our sister restaurant, Jeepney Filipino Gastropub at 201 1st Ave New York, NY 10003 (212 533 4121)

Kain na (let's eat).  

-The Maharlikans


Maharlika Filipino Moderno opened it's doors as a pop-up restaurant in the winter of 2011.  A neighborhood type restaurant, its name means "Royalty" in Tagalog.  The word Maha and Leeka translates to "Noble Work" in Sanskrit.  Some Asian historians argue Maharlika is the original name of the 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippines.  The name was handpicked as an homage to the life, times and food of the Global Pinoy.

With images of 1973 Miss Universe, Jeepney's, family portraits, and a giant wooden fork + spoon displayed prominently, Maharlika is a place where the Philippine's pop culture and everyday life's musings are honored.  The family envisioned a space where Filipino's hospitality and food is a thoughtful showpiece and not an afterthought. The Restaurant, located in downtown Manhattan, is home to local and visiting Pinoys and our friends, who look for comforting and caring Filipino food + service + style.  

Maharlika Filipino Moderno is open for lunch, brunch and dinner Monday through Sunday and reservations are welcome and recommended for brunch and dinner.  The menu is small by the current standard of Philippine restaurants. It features a curated selection of Filipino classic dishes as well as inventive dishes that use 100% percent Philippine ingredients and flavors.  You'll find dishes like Pampangan-style sizzling sisig, Oxtail Kare Kare and our popular Flip'd Fried Chicken and Ube Waffle with macapuno syrup. The menu changes periodically to highlight seasonal ingredients or shine light on a new dish.  Don't forget our award-winning "Paquiao's Punch", our original drink that was voted one of the top cocktails nationwide.  Maybe you fancy a light cocktail--we've got the Lea Salonga, the Hilda Koronel and, of course, the Sharon Cuneta.  The result is a menu that is familiar yet different...hearty but refined...soulful and reserved...proud but not boastful.  

The menu may be enjoyed family style and shared amongst friends.  However, we do suggest western-style dining with a traditional per person selection of an appetizer + entree + dessert.  In the spirit of modern dining, Maharlika proudly has vegetarian, vegan and gluten free offerings.  We also suggest dining with a spoon + fork (thought a knife may be offered upon request).  

Maharlika has garnered much attention on New York’s culinary scene from its initial opening including a glowing review in the New York Times and the award for “Best New Resturant” by Metromix. Maharlika Filipino Moderno has been a pioneer in the food world and is recognized by Timeout NY (best new food), Tasting Table (Top 10 cocktail with Pacquiao Punch), Complex Magazine (Top Restaurant for 2012), (entrepreneurship) and The Huffington Post (Best Cuisine: Nouveau Filipino)  as a major player in the dining scene.  

All of us at Maharlika Filipino Moderno is on a mission to push Filipino food further and further into the vocabulary of our food world.  We want to make Filipino's proud and help foster a community for Philippine pride.  We are convinced that modern Filipino food has a place at the culinary table.  We hope you will join us.  Kain na (let's eat).


111 First Avenue @ Seventh Street New York, NY
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