Maharlika started out with a big dream and bigger heart:  introduce Filipino food and bold flavors to a wider audience beyond the coveted Filipino kitchens of our lolas (grandmothers) and yayas (caretakers).  And just like our immigrant parents taught us:  we can do anything with hard work, perserverance and determination.  

The vision is Nicole Ponseca and the food is Miguel Trinidad, and since 2011, our whole team has shared their love of Filipino food and spirit to anyone who cared.  Guests have become friends, friends have become family.  We have seen kids grow up, people graduate, engagements and weddings.  It truly has become our family.

Catering, Lunch, Brunch and Dinner menus focus on classic and treasured flavors and can run from the very authentic to the inspired.  The service is family-like without pretense, just like eating in someone’s home.